Support Livy

Support Livy

Livy has progressed to where she is today because she has the support from so many of our family and friends. We are so thankful for the numerous different forms of help we have received and are blessed to have an amazing network of people following our journey.

As Livy grows, her needs become greater and more diverse. Our medical insurance does not always cover her therapies, equipment, and supplies.

Some examples are:

  • Limited physical therapy sessions. Our goal is to have her sit on her own.
  • Equipment such as a ceiling lift to move her in our home.
  • A replacement wheelchair van in the coming years.
  • Supplies such as diapers and supplements.

If you would like to offer a gift of support to Livy, you can do so on our Go Fund Me page at

It takes a village to raise a child with chritical medical needs. We truly appreciate and are grateful for your support. We hope you continue to follow Livy's journey so you can see the outcomes of your generosity.

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