Olivia receives traditional physical therapy and intensive therapy at Lampert's Therapy Group in Largo, FL. Currently, she attends traditional therapy two days a week for an hour at a time. The exercises vary each day and include stretching, mat work, dead lifts, standing and leg and arm work with pullies and weights.

The intensive therapy program is built upon the TheraSuit® Method which is an innovative therapy protocol utilized with children having neurological disorders. Click here to learn more about intensive therapy and the TheraSuit. The typical intensive therapy program is three continguous weeks for three hours per day. In a perfect world, a child would participate every six months with a week booster session in between. The brain needs time to develop new connections and organize all it has learned, hence the time between sessions. Due to the cost of the program and because at this point, insurance companies do not cover intensive therapy, many children are lucky to receive even one session. In our case, we have seen the results and know that Olivia has made tremendous strides relative to where she was only a year ago. So we will persist in finding ways to make sure she is able to get the therapies she needs. Although her dislocated hip has temporarily stopped her from attending intensive therapy, we hope she can return soon.

Our hope and belief is that with continued therapy, Olivia will some day sit and stand on her own with little help. She has amazed us every day of her young life and we are convinced she will do so in the future.




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