Olivia attends Paul B. Stephens, an exceptional student center for children with special needs. Their mission statement is "To provide the highest level of quality educational opportunity that enables each student to reach their personal highest level of achievement and contribute to their community." Click here to learn more about her school.

Livy's day is filled with a variety of activites including spending time in the sensory room, working on art projects, learning about our world through videos and music, using unique methods to communicate with her classmates and teachers and participating in gym class. Throughout the week, she receives physical, occupational and speach therapy. The class attends frequent assemblies at which students recieve many types of awards and recognition.

Olivia also participates in a new program called MOVE. MOVE stands for Mobility Opportunities via Education and is designed to help people with severe disabilities learn the skills needed to sit, stand, walk and transition. Students learn to move independently as well as develop communication and cognitive skills. Goals are achieved through instruction and adaptive equipment. Her teacher and therapists collaberated with us to create targets for Olivia to work toward and her entire day is structured around these objectives.

Olivia enjoys school and is progressing every day. Each small step for her is a victory. It may take a long time and extra work, but her small victories will add up to major triumphs.




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