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When I turn on the television, read the news on the internet or hear people talking in public, I am soaked with negativity. I bet that most of us can remember more of the inconsequential, stressful moments in our day rather than the little things that really matter such as our children's laughter, our spouse's smile or a good conversation with a friend. Life becomes so routine that we don't slow down to realize all the goodness around us. So I am starting this blog to tell stories of inspiration; from the hugs received when walking in the front door to the heroes that sacrifice themselves for others. There will be no bad news here.

Lately, I have been inspired by the true generosity of those who have donated to Livy's Hope. Many have never even met Olivia but have felt compelled to do something to help her. Giving to those who are less fortunate or who are in need can take on so many different forms such as time, money, food or good advice. It may be giving to your family, friends or complete strangers. Last week while watching Glee, and yes I watch Glee, there was a scene where the main characters volunteered to sing at a hospital where children were undergoing treatment for cancer. This looked like a real hospital with actual patients. The happiness and joy in the eyes of these children from hearing songs and music was beautiful. So I challenge you to give to others in whatever form it may be. It will make your spirit fly.

Little Wonders

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Guest - Ann-Marie D. on Monday, 21 February 2011 09:14

Fantastic idea for a blog!!! You and your family are such inspirations!!!

Fantastic idea for a blog!!! You and your family are such inspirations!!!
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Monday, 18 June 2018
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