Special Needs Dad 365

I am a special needs dad 24x7x365. Although Allison is Livy's main caregiver, I am in this game every minute of every day. I love my daughters and I love my wife. I can't imagine life without them and it hurts to even try. Where else could I find a smile like Livy's:)

Many dads leave a marriage and a family when a child has perpetual medical challenges. It still boggles my mind why they think that is acceptable. Perhaps they feel like they didn't sign up for everything that comes with life throwing them a curve ball. I say it's their loss. They miss the incredible wonder amidst the often insurmountable challenges.

Perhaps that's why there are so many social media moms out there who freely tell their stories of their single mom, caretaker life. They see the beauty despite it all. So I'm going to add a dad to that list. For the next 365 days, I'm going to post daily what it's like to be a dad to Livy, what she endures, how our family deals with her disabilities, how Hailey has been impacted, and much more. This will be from a father and husband's perspective. Sometimes it will be a long post and sometimes just a few words. Sometimes it may be an image, a poem, or a video. There will be happy days and days I wish I could crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. It will be open and honest. There will be tears and there will be laughter. There will be anger and frustration. There will be hope and inspiration. They are all a part of our world and I have something to say about it. That's what makes it a life worth living. So cheers to the next 365 days!

Day 1: Be A Hero

Day 3: Sleep, I Miss You

Day 5: President in the House

Day 7: Love Will Save the Day

Day 9: We Are Thankful

Day 11: Livy's Care Notebook

Day 13: The Art of Giving

Day 15: 5 Laws of a Go-Giver

Day 17: Diapers & Packaging Tape

Day 19: Epilepsy is like a Puzzle

Day 21: The Store

Day 23: Let Her Sleep?

Day 25: Wheelchair Swings

Day 27: Climbing Stairs

Day 29: Everything Has Its Beauty

Day 31: It's Not About the Presents

Day 33: Fear is a Liar

Day 35: Meds are Love Hate

Day 37: Work on Your Passion

Day 39: The Hands of Time

Day 41: If You Were Given 1 Thing

Day 43: Together on Christmas

Day 45: The Sibling Balancing Act

Day 47: Compassion

Day 49: New Year's Goals

Day 51: Time Standing Still

Day 53: Better Late Than Never

Day 55: Keep Hope Alive All Year

Day 57: Small Gains

Day 59: Think Differently

Day 61: Be Brave Before You Can Be Good

Day 63: Epilepsy is a Nightmare

Day 65: Bundle Up

Day 67: Fill the House That Love Built

Day 69: My Birthday Wish 

Day 71: Trust in Others

Day 73: Moment of Peace

Day 75: Different Is Special

Day 77: Out of Answers

Day 79: Saying Goodbye

Day 81: Just Around the Corner

Day 83: We Do Things Because They Are Hard

Day 85: The Tooth Fairy Has Moved On

Day 87: No Place Like Home

Day 89: Daddy and Livy Day

Day 91: International Epilepsy Day

Day 93: Devotion Between Sisters

Day 95: Changing Tables for the Disabled

Day 97: Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House

Day 99: At School Together At Last!

Day 101: Kids Can Change the World

Day 103: Live in the Moment   

Day 2: Time for High School

Day 4: Morning Daddy Duty

Day 6: Raise a Coffee Mug

Day 8: There's No Place Like Home

Day 10: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Day 12: Cuddle Time

Day 14: Dear Epilepsy

Day 16: Neurologist Apppointment

Day 18: Special Needs Moms

Day 20: Hot Sauce & Hope

Day 22: Living by the Numbers

Day 24: Lukewarm!

Day 26: Thank You for Sharing

Day 28: Oliviaville

Day 30:To the Dentist

Day 32: Something Else is Worse

Day 34: Dear Livy...Love Hailey

Day 36: The Christmas Spirit

Day 38: Going Around in Circles

Day 40: I Choose Livy

Day 42: The Greatest Gifts

Day 44: The MIC-KEY Button

Day 46: Five Seizure Meds...Again

Day 48: Heart Filled with Love

Day 50: New Year's Pep Talk

Day 52: Go With the Flow   

Day 54: RAM Mounts iPad Holder

Day 56: Pouring Salt on the Wound

Day 58: Choose Joy

Day 60: The Wait and See Approach

Day 62: Uniquely Unique

Day 64: Listen to Others

Day 66: Brand vs Generic

Day 68: We Can All Blossom

Day 70: Happy Birthday Jon

Day 72: Risk

Day 74: Live with Hope

Day 76: Crazy Hair Day

Day 78: Gratitude

Day 80: My Travel Buddy

Day 82: Working Together To End Epilepsy

Day 84: No Good Thing Ever Dies

Day 86: We Become Closer

Day 88: Faith

Day 90: Wheelchair Vans Are Freedom

Day 92: Give Thanks Often

Day 94: Unconditional Love

Day 96: Happiness Will Find You

Day 98: Up All Night

Day 100: I Run For Livy

Day102: Indifference